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About Us

About Us

Zohar Print is a Commercial Photocopier Leasing Company, we sell and repair photocopier machines, supply stationery and general office equipment.
Our Corporate Leasing is tailored to meet the needs of Modern Corporate Environment and to provide complete Print Management Solution.

Our experienced Technical Team with certified IT backgrounds will work to ensure that we provide you with a stable yet user-friendly print solution.

Our Mission

To provide our clientele with quality and efficient equipment and services possible. We hold dear honesty while providing expert advice and quick, friendly customer service. Our services are tailored to meet large, medium and small scale businesses.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in proving tailored corporate support services to meet the ever changing corporate needs.

Our Services

Photocopier Leasing
Leasing a photocopier is one way for you to avoid the initial capital outlay required for outright purchase. Whilst the overall outlay is slightly more with a photoc...
Sale Of Photocopier And Printers
We aim to provide impartial and expert advice on photocopiers, printers, scanners, faxes and all-in-one machines backed up by quick, efficient and effective after sa...
Sale Of Photocopier Toners And Cartridges
We sell photocopier toners and cartridges...
Repair Of Photocopiers
Our photocopier repair technicians answer service calls from all over Ghana. With a fast and efficient service delivery, we can get your photocopier repaired on the ...
Supply Of Stationery And Office Equipments
We supply a large variety of reputable branded office machines, namely, HP, Sharp, Canon, etc…....